PersonalCare Systems

Proactive and smart Telecare

Personnalization of technical solutions

Amplification of the social network


PersonalCare Systems™ focuses on “vigilance”, in real time or off-line, of the elderly or the not-fully-autonomous people in non hospital environment.

We wish to create a world in which everyone can find place, a place that is in construction and takes shape. Believing that this is possible sometimes implies a supporting proposition and providing adapted tools !

Heart of technology

The core of our MVPAN™ (Medical Virtual Personal Area Network) technology, which we own, is able not only to pick up and to transport information, but also to sort it using smart software, to analyze and interpret it in a clear language and finally to send an automatic alert in case of a critical or dangerous situation for the elderly or the not-fully-autonomous person.


The increase of life expectancy leads to a more-than-proportional increase of chronic and degenerative diseases.

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PersonalCare Systems™ has developed a platform that increases the autonomy of the elderly or not-fully-autonomous people and allows a greater degree of security, while granting them to keep living in a familiar environment.

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Some figures

Percentage of ill people staying at home (in Switzerland)

Parkinson 0%
Dementia 0%
Elderly people over 65-years-old living in their home 91%
Elderly people in loss of autonomy whose home is not adapted to their needs 82%
  • VISION 2030

    The VISION 2030 of PersonalCare Systems™ is to take into account the aging forecasts of the population and to offer technological solutions for handling what is going to become a real societal challenge.


    The mission of PersonalCare Systems™ is to offer complete Proactive and Smart Telecare systems, which comprises electronic devices and dedicated and custom made smart applications. The objective is to support the elderly in loss of autonomy by activating a network in standby mode.


    PersonalCare Systems™ commits itself through its social charter to guide its activity with the goal to create a positive and sustainable social impact.

    We are committed to a reporting method adapted to the social entrepreneurship sector.