The elderly in loss of autonomy are going to grow more and more numerous along with the need to mobilize an increasing amount of resources. We believe that modern communication and data-processing technologies, serving the human being, are able to reinforce the network without replacing a vital humane relationship. We believe that profit accompanied by a VISION 2030 targeting an important social impact can create a more humane and durable society without conflicting with the requirement and performance expected from an industrial project.

PersonalCare Systems™ – PCS commits itself through its social and durable charter to guide its activity with the goal to create a positive social impact. The charter plans an ethical behaviour and a transparent communication outwards, which seems to be the aspiration of more and more companies. The charter also plans the commitment of elderly and people with reduced mobility who will be able to advise PCS on its choices.

It seems impossible to us to reach profoundly humane objectives, if PCS doesn’t live from the inside its own humane objectives. The activity of the staff members is associated to a non-captive “personal project” that is encouraged and monitored by PCS, in order to allow a quality personal development. A TALENTS valuation program – SmartSpirit™ – is proposed on the basis of the evolution of the personal project, the commitment and the faithfulness of our staff.

The activity of PCS therefore focuses on the elderly outwards and on the staff inwards. We think that it is highly time to put back the human being at the place he should never have left : that is the center of the activities. The challenge that PCS has set itself is to offer highly-personalized treatment programs that are able to monitor the elderly in their specific difficulties.