Your innovation partner dedicated to the Internet of Things

INGENIA Systems™ (Spin-off of PersonalCare Systems™) is an independent engineering and consulting company focused on communications systems, data science, and Machine to Machine (M2M) with IoT (Internet of Things).

Your innovation partner dedicated to the IoT.

With us, design, and deploy complete IoT solutions. Our originality lies in the ability of our consultants to manage our customer’s projects that deliver tomorrow’s solutions today. We develop tailor-made IoT projects. We create and run your IoT solutions thanks to our technology.

We are expert in Industry 4.0, Smart Home, and Smart City, as well as tools and methodologies to manage your complex and multi-disciplinary projects.



  • Our Industry 4.0 offer

    The implementation of new business models that exploit digital opportunities is a major challenge for established industrial enterprises. If a company whose main business is the sale of industrial machinery wants to start offering value-added subscription services to optimize the industrial process of their products, it becomes a brand new company.

    • It will have to decide if these services are only available for a process carried out by their machines or if it also wants to offer it on competitors’ facilities.
    • It will need to develop a new sales incentive system based on a recurring revenue stream.
    • It will have to build a support infrastructure that matches the optimized process and only consists of experts who only know their own machines.

    In short, she will need to build a brand new business. Doing this inside a large established company is extremely difficult, perhaps more so than doing it in an external start-up.

  • Our Smart Home offer


    Home automation is a response to many social issues, so our solution SmartResidence™ wanted to offer an as generic solution as possible. Our multi-protocol system adapts to a maximum of brands, their respective technologies. To address the problems of coverage of unconnected homes, we chose to use shared routers that allow connected objects to work without an internet subscription in the home.

    We provide you with our expertise in data analysis for your Smart Care projects.

  • Our SmartCity offer


    A Smart City is a geographical area that has become more efficient or more environmentally friendly or socially inclusive through the use of digital technologies. The objective of a Smart City is to increase its attractiveness for residents and businesses by improving its services or by proposing new ones.

    A service can cover everything a city offers to its inhabitants or businesses, such as lighting, traffic management, public parking, electricity, etc. The Most activities in a city can usually be classified as services. Intelligence ultimately lies in improving or creating services using digital technologies. Example of a new service: a pollution monitoring application that can be used on a smartphone and shows real-time pollution in a city, assuming that the city does not already offer a pollution monitoring service.

    Another example of an improved service is a smartphone parking application that can be used by locals to quickly locate free parking spaces in a city, clearly representing an improvement in public parking.