PersonalCare Systems™ is looking for potential investors who could share our VISION 2030 and who, aside from looking for a profit, wish to create a social impact with their investment. We prefer a potential investor who offers us his help and a quality accompaniment. We really wish to build a relationship that can lead to a great VISION 2030.

The Silver Economy is a reality of which more and more companies and service providers become aware. The exhaustion of public resources linked to health and the intrinsic limits of home helping structures are an unpleasant fact to acknowledge, but stays still a great societal challenge.

One of the reasons that justifies the introduction of the proactive and smart Telecare in Switzerland and in Europe is the demographic development of the population. The rise of life expectancy leads to a more than proportional increase of chronic diseases, which requires care and an important and regular monitoring.

Also hit tens of thousands of close relatives who care and accompany their sick at home for many years (60% of dementia patients and 85% of Parkinson patients live at home). The rise in frequency of medical consultations that result from this situation will without a doubt become impossible to take on for financial and logistical reasons with the traditional approaches.

It is also important to notice that not only patients, but also health professionals will become older, which will contribute to worsen the lack of necessary services. Moreover, in the future, a greater attention will be probably paid to the early detection of illness symptoms, to a regular control of health parameters and to the ambulatory watch of the patients. The smart Telecare can be used to improve the follow up of the therapy by the patients themselves.

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